Amazing Arbeia


The Romans are coming….

What have you found out so far about the Romans?



Can you describe what life was like as a soldier in the Roman Army?

Mathematics-Shopping & Spending Money

image image image image

Holiday Homework

This half term we have been learning all about sound in science. Can you write a post showing what you have learnt. Insert text, illustrations and photographs to show me what you know.

How does sound travel?

How do animals hear?

how do we hear?

Happy Holidays!!!


Magical Mathematics


Super Sewing our Teddy T-Shirts

We measured our patterns, cut out the templates and sewed up the front and back. We found it really tricky but with a little help we persevered.

image image

Year 3 Cookery Club

Year 3 have had a great time in cookery club. Here we are stirring & tasting soup.

image image image


I hope you’ve all enjoyed the cookery sessions. From Mrs Johnson

100 Word Challenge-The Treasure Hunt

In year 3&4 we have been reading and writing stories about the treasure hunt. Use the illustration below to inspire the next chapter in your story.  Remember to add adjectives and adverbs. If you can include fronted adverbials too.



Also try to include a problem…. An element if danger and if course the solution!

Good Luck


A went to the beeck. It wow hot and sunee. I wit in the wutr it wow cuood. Asaw a wud box a sun a fish hooc. A suw sum fees. A pic up the cies  and put it in. The treasure  box. A pate com and tic  me  to shep. The ship wos  wud and big. He sed lesx go to mee shep.

By LEon lowdon

Topic-Map Skills

Here we are in year 3 practising reading information on a map



Dogger’s Diary

This week we have been thinking about diaries. We imagined that Dogger got lost, had an adventure and wrote his diary entry. Can you use this illustration to write another Diary entry?

Remember you need to use first person (I), write in the past and describe what happens.


Map skills topic work



We are learning all about maps and how to use 6 digit grid references.

What have we learnt so far?

Multi sports carousel

image image image image image

Telling the time triumphantly!

Children in Year 3 are learning about time⏰

Children in Year 3 are learning about time⏰

Put on your funny face to raise money for Comic Relief 2015!

Put on your funny face to raise money for comic relief!

Swimmer of the week

Swimmer of the week given for fabulous backstroke. Well done!

Swimmer of the week given for fabulous backstroke. Well done!

Frozen sing a long


World Book Day.


World Book Day Characters arrive in Year 3. What a fantastic effort everyone, you all look amazing!

World Book Day Characters arrive in Year 3. What a fantastic effort everyone, you all look amazing!


Our Trolls

imageCreating our trolls with the help of author and illustrator Adam Stower.Working with Adam Stower to create our Trolls

blogging on the I pads

I love to see blogging from scools all over the world.

Swimmer of the Week

Swimmer of the week

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Ronald Dahl

The amazing Roald Dahl is our class author. Each half term we read a different book and so far we have read; Charlie and the chocolate factory, Fantastic Mr Fox and the Witches. Roald Dahl had an extremely creative imagination and his stories are always exciting and inspiring!

Year three thoroughly enjoy our weekly story sessions!


Making Maths Fun.


Year 3 investigate our school blog.

Investigating our school blog... We love it!

Investigating our school blog… We love it!

Snow dragons

This half term we have been investigating dragon storiessome of the boys drew dangerous dragons in the snow.





Blog Walk…

Year 4 at Springston School in New Zealand
Halswell Year 4 class blog in Christchurch New Zealand
Year 4 Vale Class Blog in West Sussex
Class 3B at Lowerplace Primary in Rochdale

Hello world!

If you are reading this blog post, please can you spare 1 minute and leave a quick comment saying who and where you are. Comments left for pupils are really powerful things. When a pupil has a sense of audience, they will apply everything they have learned in order to show off hoping to receive a comment. Make this Year 3 Class smile by leaving them a comment!